Religion on Earth

Q:  You once mentioned that this is the only planet that has religion.

B:  As you understand it, yes.  That does not mean that there are not different societies that have various forms of symbolic relationship representation between themselves and Infinite Creation.  

But the idea you call religion, in the sense that somehow you do not think that the capacity for the relationship exists directly within you, and place that capacity within someone that you follow -- that is something we have rarely discovered anywhere else; and never in the form that your society exhibits it.  You follow me?

Q:  More or less.  It will come.

B:  All right.  The notion that we find most different is the apparent belief in a disconnection between yourselves and the Infinite Creator.  In other words, that God is outside of you, instead of the fact that you are God, that you are made of God, that everything is God, that there is no separation; that you do not need to follow someone to do such and such a thing.  

And that such and such a thing is the only way to God.  That is what we find different about your planet.  And that individuals, because there is such a high degree of limitation and separation in your history, have simply created ideas and patterns that there is only one way to relate to the idea of a God that is separate from you to begin with.  Instead of the idea that everything is God, and therefore, every way is another way that God has to be Itself.  You follow me?

Q:  Yes.  

B:  Does that define the difference?

Q:  Yes, thank you.

Interview mit Bashar